Low voter turnout: Does Ørestad need an extra polling station?

Debat 24. nov 2021 - 2 min læsetid
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What stands out from the recent Copenhagen municipal election? For me, it is not how Ørestad residents voted, but rather how few voted at all.


Voter turnout at Ørestad Skole was 43.9%, beaten only by Tingbjerg Skole for the unenviable prize of lowest turnout in all of Copenhagen.

Higher turnout would have given City Council one more reason to keep Ørestad in mind during the coming electoral period. A period where we have a lot to fight for - including cleaner air, more city life, and more green space for local children - to help our neighborhood reach its full potential.

One question is whether Ørestad needs an extra polling station. With 17.955 eligible voters, the polling station at Ørestad Skole was Copenhagen’s largest. This number will likely exceed 20.000 next time around, more than twice the city average. Some Ørestad residents also had to travel 2 km to cast their votes, something rarely seen in other areas.

To increase turnout, we should also reflect on how to reach Ørestad’s many students, international citizens, and other newcomers to the municipality, who understandably tend to vote less often. But an extra polling station, for example at Kalvebod Fælled Skole, could be a piece of the puzzle.

Updated 29. nov 2021

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